Welcome to my blog!

At the beginning of the year, I had a goal to perform 20 times in 2020 (20/2020).  I was well on my way to meeting that goal when COVID 19 hit.  All of a sudden, all performances, all auditions, and all opportunities seemed to dry up. 

But, new opportunities have come up.  I’m singing for virtual meetings, virtual workshops, and competitions, and I’m counting those as performances.  There is also an opportunity that I created for myself called “The 86th Street Performing Arts Center.”  My plan is to record several short performances and post them on YouTube.  I’m aiming to post about once a month.  If I do that along with the other opportunities, I think that I can still make 20/2020 happen, or at least come pretty close to it.  On this blog, I’m going to chronicle the journey to meeting my goal.

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